Monday, January 25, 2016

Double Cylinder Deadbolt or Not?

Locksmith Portland double cylinder deadboltThere are a lot of people who worry about the security of their homes because of having children and how big of an investment a house normally is. One question that has been asked commonly is if a locksmith will install a deadbolt that uses a key on both the inside and the outside. These types of locks called double cylinder deadbolts. Unfortunately, the answer for the question is no, they can’t.

Having a double cylinder deadbolt installed is actually illegal in most states now because be of the safety risk that it pose. Many home owners that are parents have asked for these types of deadbolts for the reason that their child may be able to unlock a standard deadbolt all by himself. Although a double cylinder deadbolt will provide a solution for this type of scenario, think of what would happen if there was an emergency and you can’t find your keys? What if all other paths are blocked? What then?

Double cylinder deadbolt Portland locksmithThe best bet to prevent a child from getting out would be to get a form of a slide lock. A locksmith in Portland can help direct you to the best solution that would fit your needs. Deadbolts can be a great security measure for your home. Just remember that safety isn’t always just about keeping strangers out. The safety of your family being able to escape during any format of emergency should be one of the first things that come to your mind, especially when there are children in the household.

A Portland locksmith can help by showing you different options and also explaining how they work. He can help show you where the best spot to put the lock as well as doing the installation. If you need a different standard deadbolt, a locksmith would be able to install that for you as well. Next time you are thinking of having a double cylinder deadbolt installed, please think of all the safety issues that come with that choice.